The Benefits Of Strength Training For Your Health

Strength and resistance training is widely known to help you become more muscular and gain the definition of a Greek God or Goddess. However, there are numerous other health benefits of strength training that make it quite attractive even if you don’t want to become muscular and chiseled. We will now take a closer look at these benefits so that you can see why you should start adding it to your workout routine.

Improves Heart Health

There have been many studies that indicate strength training has an immensely positive impact on cardiovascular health. When the HDL levels of lifters versus nonlifters were compared, those that regularly strength train had better HDL levels and cholesterol levels.

Lowers Cancer Risk

When you have a lot of visceral fat on your body, it actually increases your chances of developing diabetes, heart diseases as well as cancer. When you have more muscle mass, it actually has a large impact on the possible outcomes of cancer treatment. There are many negative complications of cancer treatment such as faster progression of tumors, toxicity, muscle wasting and much more. As a result, strength training will increase muscle mass and therefore increase your chances of positive outcomes and avoidance of these complications.

Better Mobility & Flexibility

There have been many studies that show that strength training also helps to improve overall flexibility and mobility. When you do various weight training exercises and do the full range of motion for each exercise, it actually helps to permanently increase your own range of motion. Also, flexibility is also improved when you do exercises that help to lengthen your muscles such as the lat pull down, squat, etc.

Improves Mental Health

Regular exercise and strength training has been proven to reduce mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. This occurs because strength training and exercise in general helps to improve mood through the release of endorphins. However, strength training in particular helps you because lifting weights in a progressive way helps you to build mental fortitude in addition to physical strength.

Helps Control Blood Sugar

When you do strength training, it actually helps the muscle to use more glucose or sugar. As a result of this, it actually reduces the sugar levels in your blood. So, if you already have type 2 diabetes, then it is highly recommended that you start strength training.

Reduced Stomach Fat

Next, it has also been found that strength training is actually a lot more effective than aerobic or cardiovascular exercise when it comes to reducing stomach fat. This occurs because strength training leads to increased muscle mass which leads to a much faster metabolism. This results in more calories being burned every day, leading to fat loss.

Reduced Risk Of Injury

When you have a good amount of muscle on your body, this actually helps to improve your overall coordination, balance as well as the ability to prevent injury. For example, if you have a particular muscle that is weak then more strain is placed on the connecting tendon which typically results in tendonitis. Strength training not only increases the strength of the muscle to prevent this but also the strength of the tendon itself.

Prevention Or Management Of Osteoporosis

Strength training has been found to increase the mineral density of bones which is essential to prevent osteoporosis or manage it. This is because various weight training exercises cause stress on your bones and muscles, which causes your body to actually move more minerals into your bones and make structural proteins. The best exercises for this are weighted squats and lunges and you can actually see an increased bone density with only 12 weeks of weight training.

Better Brain Health

Weight training can help to reduce cognitive decline, especially in older people. This is because weight training increases blood flow around the body, including to the brain. Additionally, it can also help to boost your mood and overall energy levels.


To wrap things up, these are just a few of the benefits of strength training. It will not only help you to lose fat and transform your body but positively impact your overall health in countless ways. So, you should definitely add weight training to your exercise routine and you will be able to see and feel the difference in your health and well being for yourself.