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This page is dedicated to our customers. If you have photos of our orchids that you'd like us to show here, please email them to 4dot(at)portersorchids.com/ We'll do our best to have them here for awhile.

Paul Perakos:

" I wanted to share with you a picture of my gorgeous Phrag (Belle Hogue Point) that I purchased from you earlier this year! I thought it would be nice for her to meet her North American 2nd cousins! No one's ever posed Phrag's and Paph's with native lady's slippers, so I thought it was a fun idea. Of course, the phrag is back safe indoors."

"How do I turn this thing off?" "(Phrag) Longueville has been blooming since January 2nd this year and is now has its 9th flowers in bloom (both stalks) with buds showing for the 10th!!!!! I cannot believe that it would be blooming now for almost 5 months! Wonder if it will make it to 11! I am truly amazed."

Annjanette Kimball:

"I and my parents were at Porter's about 2 weeks ago and my father took some picture of your orchids. I thought that you might be able to use them ...

I also want to say that your green house is the reason that I started growing orchids. The people are so friendly and helpful."

Dr. Charles Bracker, PhD:

"I opened the packages last night, and all the plants were in perfect shape. I am delighted. I can always count on plants from Porter's being well packed, protected from damage, and delivered when promised."

"I spent a couple of hours browsing through Porter's Orchids Web site this morning. I shouldn't have done it because it just puts temptation in front of me. ... It is nice to see an increased number of photos."

Alex Simms:

"Beginners luck with the help of porters orchids (regarding the blooms on Phrag. Grande).
If I can do it so can you. Thank you."

Nancy Pichiotino:

"I had to share these with you!  They really are a lovely creamy yellow, Jim and I just love them!"

Marc Levenson:

Here are some photos of the Richard Meuller hybrids I got from you in early spring. They are blooming now and I wish you could smell them. The 'Rustic Spots' smells like everything summer; lemonade, suntan lotion, hot dogs and the beach. The 'Bernice Foster' will be putting out more flowers soon, but you can see in the first two how the color changes from maroon to yellow. You can also see an ant! The other thing is that the 'Rustic Spots' also smells like peaches or peach iced tea, and is only fragrant during the day, while the Bernice Foster is only fragrant at night!

...my "Lady of the Night" I got from you (is) re-blooming now. Of course it is not like being in the same room at night when that heavenly smell fills the air ...

What I love about Porter's (besides the great service and advice) is that I can build a specialized collection like this, because you have so many interesting variations.

Pete Ostlund:

Attached are pics of my Angcm. Lemforde White Beauty (sesquipedale x magdalenae) which I purchased from Porters. I grow it with my Cattleyas, lots of sunlight, let it dry out well in between waterings. Seems to like what I'm doing -- it has bloomed 3 times a year for me.

Tess Thompson:

I love my C. percivaliana ('Bouquet' HCC/AOS x 'Summit' AM/AOS) that I purchased online this summer. I want to thank Brenda for picking me a great plant. It now has 2 very lovely blooms.
The vivid color in and on the throat of this flower is out of this world.
Thank you Porter's, and especially Brenda for her fabulous customer service.

Charles & So Burke:

Here is a picture of a Bulbophyllum Lobbi I purchased from you all in 2006. I took it to our Shreveport Orchid Society monthly meeting and everyone said it was beautiful. Some members have never seen one in bloom. Even the President raved about and held it up and told everyone come look at it. They don't grow a lot Bulbophyllums down here in Louisiana. Thanks again for the great plant.

The attached are some pictures of Bulbophyllums that we purchased from Bill last year and they have bloomed recently. As always the orchids received at in excellent shape. Hope you enjoy the pictures.

Bulb. Wilmar Galaxy Star
Bulb. Tsika Taurus Bulb. macranthum Bulb. tingabarinum

We bought these two from Bill I think last year sometime. The first one is a Cirrhopetalum dentiferum 'Emily' CBR/AOS; this is the second time it has bloomed. The second one is a Bulbophyllum umbellatum; this one just bloomed for me for first time recently. So beautiful flowers. Thank You.

I have attached a picture for the customer page that you can use. We bought this from Bill I think last year sometime. It is Cirrhopetalum Elizabeth Ann 'Buckleberry' AM/RHS FCC/AS (logissimum x rothschildianum) It is so full; it will be going to the Shreveport Orchid Society orchid show this weekend. So beautiful flowers.

I have attached a couple pictures of a Bulbophyllum Lobbi that we bought from Bill. It was awarded an 85 points AM/AOS at the Shreveport Judging Center recently. It really wowed the Judges.

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