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Achental (richteri 'Green Giant' x Hanne Popow 'Buttermilk') creamy yellow and pink flowers.


caricinum species $20.00
Cardinale (Sedenii x schlimii) Divisions $30 - 35
Charlie Hanson (fischeri x richteri) Divisions $35.00 NEW

Franz Glanz (besseae x richteri ) These are the more salmon-pink form of this hybrid, though there have been some yellows.


Grande (longifolium 'Waunakee' x caudatum v. sanderae) This is the light form of Grande imparted by the sanderae influence. $35.00
Inca Embers (Andean Fire 'Daddy Mac' AM/AOS x longifolium 'Windy Hill's Midnight' AM/AOS) SOLD OUT
Living Fire (Sorcerer's Apprentice x besseae) $35.00

Longueville (Hanne Popow 'Strawberry' x longifolium 'Red Ropes') Various shades of pink, cream, white and melon.

Longueville (Hanne Popow 'Charmer' x longifolium 'Gracile') Divisions of Bill Porter's Plant.

$25 - 40

Mem. Garren Weaver (pearcei 'Pink' x wallisii 'Tower Grove' HCC/AOS $45.00
Mountain Maid (hirtzii x besseae) $25.00
Olaf Gruss (pearcei 'Cloud' x besseae flavum 'Sulphur') Should be peaches and yellows. Two plants left. $30.00
Schroederae (caudatum x Sedenii) Divisions

Schroederae 'Evergreen' (caudatum x Sedenii) Divisions



Sorcerer's Apprentice (sargentianum 'Rojo' x longifolium 'Red Ropes SOLD OUT

Wossen (amazonica 'Mantis' x schlimii 'Cheeky') Divisions of Bill Porter's Plant.


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