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druryi Species. Multi-growth blooming size plants. $35.00
esquirolei Species. Divisions of Bill Porter's plant. $45.00
lowii ('Cleo' x 'Harold's 4N') and ('Prince House' x 'Pinkie') Species. Blooming size plants. $45.00
micranthum Species. Divisions of Bill Porter's plant. $35 - 50.00
kolopokangii var. topperi X self Species. Near and blooming size plants. $85.00
sanderianum ('Jungle Monarch' x 'Jungle King') Large seedlings $60 & 70.00
victoria-reginae (aka chamberlainianum) Species. Lovely sequential bloomer. $35.00
wardii 'Double Surprise' AM/AOS Species. Divisions of Bill Porter's plant. $25 - 35.00
Mottle-leaf Hybrids
Ho Chi Minh (delenatii 'Three Flowers' x vietnamense 'R. B.' NBS seedlings $35 - 40.00
Joyce Hasegawa (delenatii 'Root's' x emersonii 'Red Eye') Large white with blush pink on pouch. $35.00
Assorted vinicolor and coloratums. Some examples. $15 - 25.00
Multifloral & Sequential Blooming Paphs:
Angelina Kruger Multi-growth BS. One plant left $100.00
Bel Royal (rothschildianum x kolopakingii v. topperi) Mature, previously bloomed. $65.00
Bernice (lowii x philippinense) Divisions of Bill Porter's plant. $60.00
Doctor Toot (kolopakingii x delenatii) Large NBS multi-growth plants. $60.00
Gary Romangna (rothschildianum x Saint Swithin) Mature, previously bloomed. $55.00
Iantha Stage (rothschildianum 'Hansa' x sukhakulii) One plant left $50.00
kolopakingii v. topperi x randsii Mature, previously bloomed. $65.00
laevigatum x kolopakingii v. topperi Mature, previously bloomed. $65.00
Lucille Booth (primulinum aureum 'Blondie' x Lady Isabel 'Dark Beauty) One plant left $50.00
Oberhausens Diament (primulinum x sanderianum) One plant left $50.00
Prince Edward of York (rothschildianum x sanderianum) large seedlings $60.00
Puppentanz (kolopakingii v. topperi x haynaldianum) Mature, previously bloomed. $65.00
Temptation (kolopakingii v. topperi x philippinense) Mature, previously bloomed. $65.00
Vanguard (rothschildianum x glaucophyllum) Two plants left $60 & 65
Complex Hybrids:
Assiniboine (glaucophyllum 'Evergreen' x Hellas 'Westonbirt' FCC/RHS) Divisions of Bill Porter's plant. $35.00
Great Pacific x Winston's Bell $30.00
Red Phantom 'Red Masque' x Vallarrow 'Red Challenge' $20.00
Western Sky (Yerba Buena 'White Cap' x charlesworthii 'Violet') The photos show variations in the form of this hybrid. Two plants left $30.00
Winston Churchill 'Indomitable' x Winston's Bell There will be variations in the form of this hybrid. $20 & 30

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