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Bllra. Peggy Ruth Carpenter (Tahoma Glacier x Milt. Purple Queen) Pinkish-white flowers with random magenta-red spots. These are young plants blooming for the first time. $20.00
Brs. Ralph Wiedeman (jipijapensis x Mem. Fritz Boedeker) NBS plants. These should be very large and very spidery. $15 & 25
Brs. Rex 'Sakata' HCC/AOS (verrucosa x gireoudiana) Classic large spidery flowers that are also fragrant. $25.00
Brsdm. Stan's Monneyey (We cannot confirm name or parentage) Lovely large Brassia-type well presented flowers. Nicely fragrant. $35.00
Colm. (Spacetante 'Evelyn' x Onc. Illustre 'Wildman') Very floriferous branching spikes. Large multi-growth plants. $20
Colm. Wildcat 'Bobcat' AM/AOS (Rustic Bridge x Crowborough) Red flowers on this clone. $25.00
Dgmra. Winter Wonderland 'White Fang' x Oda. Saint Wood 'Princess' NBS plants $25.00
Lemboglossum hortensiae Only two plants left. $20 & 25
Milt. Albacete 'Yellow Imperial' x Mt. Hood 'Ono' Soft yellows with contrasting waterfalls. $25.00
Milt. Augres 'Trinity' HCC/AOS (Pam-pam x Alger) Dark red with white around very dark center. Choice. $30.00
Milt. Benito Que (Alysen Ono 'Eileen' AM/AOS x Pearl Ono 'Red') Dark falls on a white background, $25.00
Milt. Hajime Ono (Martin Orenstein 'Maui Dream' HCC/AOS x Pearl Ono 'Maui Falls') White with dark red falls and magenta splashes. $25.00
Milt. Ida Mary Hale (Arnold Linsman x Red Woodham) Red flowers with white and red falls. $25.00
Milt. Jean Sabourin 'Vulcain' (Aurura x Piccadilly) Flat, beautifully formed deep red velvet flowers, mask amber with radiating red lines outlined in pink; yellow crest, red stripes. $25.00
Milt. Lennart Karl Gottling (Timberline 'Sunburst' x Pearl Ono 'Lliwai') Stunning flowers that are also fragrant $25.00
Milt. Lydia Sellon 'Scarlet O'hara' HCC/AOS (Meadowdale x Linda Marie Sellon) White with red falls and pink splashes $25.00
Milt. Motoichi Kodama (Maui Dream '1528' x Hajime Ono 'Maui Slash') White with red falls and splashes. Fragrant. $25.00
Milt. Patricia Marie Linares (Yuko Hatsui 'Makawao' x Pearl Ono 'Red') The first to open is a lovely white with orange falls. The second shows some of the red from Pearl Ono 'Red.' $25.00
Milt. Soquel 'Volcano Queen' AM/AOS (Emotion x Edmonds) Beautiful white flowers with a full shape. $25.00
Milt. William Hammel 'Rising Sun' (Amber x Linda Marie Sellon) This is a truly outstanding creamy yellow flower with a deep red waterfall that looks like a "rising sun." $30.00
Milt. Yuko Hatsui 'D' x Mem. Charlene Takahachi) Soft yellows with darker falls $25.00
Mtdm. Red Brick Road (Milt. Red Poi x Onc. leuchochilum) Tall spikes. The flowers should be large and showy. $25.00
Mtssa. (Brs. Datacosa x Milt. Seminole Blood) Spidery star-shaped flowers, variable in color and size. See photos. $17.00
Mtssa. (Brs. Tropic Star x Milt. Anne Warne 'Alii') Large plants. Soft coppery spots on a mauvre background, white lip with spots on this star-shaped flower. $20.00
Mtssa. Haleahi Starship (Brs. Datacosa 'Coos Bay' x Mtssa. Olmec) Flowers are a soft yellow-green with mauvre overtones. Spots vary in size and quantity. Showy plants. $20.00
Mtssa. Reinhard Brockmuller (Milt. bluntii [spectabilis] x Brs. Rex 'Royston') Blooming size plants. The first to bloom was a dark chocolate-maroon with a pink lip. Other plants bloomed with heavy spotting. $20.00
Mtssa. Royal Robe 'Jerry's Pick' HCC/AOS (Erachne x Milt. Seminole) Beautiful dark burgundy-red with bright magenta-purple lip, star-shaped flowers on tall spikes. Large plants have several spikes. $20 - 25
Oda. Nettie Valentine 'True Love' (Drummer Boy x Emma Sander) NBS plants will have bright red flowers. Should be easier to grow than most Odonts. $25.00
Odcdm. Russiker Gold (Tiger Butter x Onc. Hambuhren Gold) Clear bright yellow with dark spots. Some plants are very large. $25 & 35
Odtna. Lorraine's 14th WOC 'Taida' (Rustic Bridge x Debutante)currently classified as an Odontocidium Blooming size plants. Dark red with contrasting white and bright red lip. $20.00
Onc. ampulatum Species. Divisions of Bill Porter's plant. $15 - 25.00
Onc. Makalii 'Gotoh' AM/AOS (maculatum x sarcodes) Bright yellow with brown spots on medium branching inflourescences. $10.00
Onc. Sharry Baby 'Sweet Fragrance' (Jamie Sutton x Honululu) Very fragrant -- smells like chocolate or vanilla. $25.00
Onc. Sweet Sugar 'Hamana' (Aloha Iwanaga x varicosum) Similar to "Emperor" above, with a little larger flowers. One plant remaining. $20
Rossioglossom grande Species $25.00
Sand. Black Star 'Pacific Red Star' (Brs. Santa Ynez x Oda. Fireflower) Very dark red star-shaped flowers with contrasting white on the lips. $25.00
Tricophilia Charles x Ramonensis NBS plants $25 & 30.00
Vuyl. Aloha Passion 'Hof #1' (Memoria Mary x Oda. Alcatraz) Dark pink with spots $25.00
Vuyl. Linda Isler (Oda. Margarete Holm x Odtna. Debutante)currently classified as a Wilsonara Deep bright red with white lip, and branching habit $25.00
Vuyl. Melissa Brianne 'Shady Lady' HCC/AOS (Milt. Anne Warne x Oda Mrs. Rudolf Pabst Shady Lady is one of the classics in the Vuylstekearas. $25.00
Wils. Archirondel (Onc. sphacelatum x Oda. Golden Rialto) Large plants $28.00

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