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Latourae type:

Gerald McCraith (engar x convolutum)


Roy Tokunuga (johnsoniae x atroviolaceum) $22.00
Stephen Batchelor (alexancrae x johnsoniae) Clusters of large white flowers, creamy yellow lips with light magenta markings. $22.00

Phalaenopsis type:

Kouchi's Pride (Bangkok Green x Madame Vipa) Light green with magenta lip.


Intermediate type:

Hawaiian Twinkle (Jacquelyn Thomas 'Blue Hawaii' x Blue Twinkle) Varies from deep to lighter magenta-blue. Large plants.

$22 & 25

Compact Plants

(Haleahi Pink Lace x Blue Twinkle) Compact plants with sprays of magenta flowers.


(Wee Wee 'Excalibur' x Haleahi 'Tough Love') Compact plants with sprays of deep wine-red flowers. $22.00

Twisted type:

Ooh's Blue. Flowers very similar to this:


Nobile type:


Haleahi Sakura (Nagasaki x Upin Red 'Mini') White to creamy white, pink to magenta blush on edges, yellow-green centers.


(Nagasaki 'S & W' x Wave King 'Butterfly' White to pink, with pink to magenta blush on edges, dark red centers.


Spring Bride (Ise 'Yayoi' x Mild Yumi) Refreshing whites w/green throats. Compact. Fragrant.


Super Ise (Super Star 'Big Boy' x Ise) Large 2-1/2" light pinks & whites with bright pink flares. Sweetly scented.

$15, 20, & 25

Upine King 'Serenade' (Wave King x Upin Red)*
Upin Red (Oberon x Super Star)
$15 & 20


aggregatum $20.00
glomeratum (syn. sulawesiense) Bright magenta-pink flowers with an orange lip. Blooming size plants. $20.00
jenkinsii $20.00 - potted
$25.00 - mounted
pierardii Lovely pink and white flowers on leafless canes. These are keikis from larger plants. $15.00
platycaulon Flat pseudobulbs characterize this species. Clusters of creamy flowers occur several times a year. $20.00

superbum Similar to pierardii, only larger all white flowers, and fragrant. Photo shows the purple form; ours are the alba form.


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