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B. cucullata Creamy yellow flowers with a white lip. $25.00
C. bowringiana x self Species. NBS $28
C. dolosa Species. 1 - 2 fragrant dark pink flowers per spike. Flowers in Spring. Somewhat rare. Established divisions from Bill Porter's plant. $40.00
C. labiata var. ruba Species. BS. These have been producing large, beautiful flowers. $35.00
C. maxima Species. Established divisions from a very large plant. $30 - 40
C. skinneri Species. Beautiful dark lavendar pink flowers. $30.00
C. skinneri 'Guaria Morado' Established divisions from Bill Porter's plant. $35.00
C. skinneri 'Teresita Established divisions from Bill Porter's plant. $40.00
Encyclia adenocaula Species. Clusters of large, star-shaped pink flowers. Fragrant. We have a few divisions from a large pant. Photo is this plant's flowers. $35.00
Encyclia alata Species. Yellow and greenish brown flowers. Fragrant $20.00
Encyclia cochleata Species. Fragrant, sequentially blooming cockle-shell type. $25.00
Encyclia cordigera Species. Fragrant $15 & 25
Encyclia polybulbon Species. A miniature with yellow and brown starry shaped fragrant flowers. $25.00
Encyclia radiata Species. Fragrant clusters of white cockle-shell type flowers with purple strips on lips. Multi-growth, blooming size plants. $22.00
Epi. ciliare Species. Clusters of white flowers with a frilly lip. Evening and night fragrance. We have both the larger and the smaller-flowered varieties. $20 & 25
Epi. difforme Species. $15.00
Epi. lacerum Species. Clusters of soft, bright pink flowers that bloom sequentially for a long period of time. $20.00
Epi. parkinsonianum Pendulous plants with fragrant long lasting flowers. $25.00
Epi. stamfordianum Species. Branching, star shaped yellow-green with burgundy markings, white and yellow lip with a touch of magenta. Fragrant. Very few plants left. Sold Out
L. purpurata var. carnea 'Unforgettable' x 'Carmen' Species. $18 & 22
Myrmercophila albopurpurea (syn. Schomburgkia albopurpurea) Species. $35.00
Schom. schultzii Species. $35.00
Encyclia/Epidendrum Hybrids:
Epilaelia Beverly Shea (Epi. ciliare 'BVI' x L. rubescens) Plants are blooming with moderately tall spikes with several flowers per spike. Flowers are white with a touch of blush pink. Lips are varied, but most are similar to the ciliare parent. $20 & 25
Epi. radicans x ibaquense Sequentially blooming on smaller Epi plants $10, 15 & 20
Broughtonia/Cattletonia/Dialaelia Hybrids:
Cookara Bill (Ctna. Maui Maid 4N x Dial. Snowflake 4N) Frequent tall spikes of bright pink/purple flowers with white centers. Compact $15.00
Ctna. Mem. Henry Goldberg (Why Not x Keith Roth) Deep red with yellow halo Sold Out
Ctna. (C. Summer Angel x Bro. sanguinea) Clusters of lacey pink & white with creamy throat. $20.00
Ctna. Why Not (C. aurantiaca x Bro. sanguinia) Very similar to 'Roundabout' above. $20.00
Dial. Mizoguchi (Snowflake x L. ancepts 'Irwins') Clusters of larger lovely pale pink and white flowers. $25.00
Hasegawaara (Hknsa. Ruby Gem 'Bonanza' x B. Jimminey Cricket) Divisions of Bill Porter's plant. $22.00
Hknsa. Sogo Doll 'Little Angel' (Lctna. Peggy San x Slc. Katsy Noda) Magenta with deep magenta flares and lip, which has a yellow interior. Fragrant Sold Out
Brassavola/Rhyncholaelia Hybrids
B. Jimminey Cricket (nodosa x digbyana) Divisions of Bill Porter's plant. $20.00
Bepi. (Epi. Morning Star x B. Nodosa) $15 & 22
Bl. Morning Glory 'H & R' (B. nodosa x L. purpurata) Blooming size plants. Lavendar-pink flowers with large deep magenta lip. Very striking flowers! $27.00
Bl. Bessho (L. tenebrosa x B. nodosa 'Mas Major' AM/AOS Seedlings $15.00
Bl. Yellow Bird (Richard Meuller x B. nodosa Sold Out
Cattleya Hybrids:
Blc. Golden Delicious x B. Jimminey Cricket Blooming size plants $25.00
Blc. Greenwich 'Elmhurst' AM/AOS (Lc. Ann Follis x Blc Lester McDonald) Large yellow-green flower with magenta edge of lip. Very fragrant. $32.00
Blc. Toshie Aoki 'Pazzaz' AM/AOS (Blc. Faye Miyamoto x Blc. Waianea Flare) Large multi-growth BS plants. Some have bloomed and are very striking in color and size. $35.00
C. Egeria (Canhamiana x C. walkeriana var. coerulea) Soft blue fragrant flowers. BS plants. $25.00
C. (Earl 'Imperialis' FCC/AOS x C. intermedia 'White Dwarf') Beautiful large pink to white flowers with a pink blush and pink splash on the lip $30 & 35
C. Thoringen (percivaliana x walkeriana, semi alba) Lovely deep pink flowers, nice shape and substance. $25.00
Lc. Carras (Bonanze x Molly Tyler) $55.00
Lc. (C. Bering Sea 'First Snow' x Anita Marie 'Halcyon') Large pink with magenta and yellow lip. Fragrant. $20 & 30
Lc. (C. Jewell's Blue Lady x Indigo Mist '31586') $30 & 35.00
Lc. Cynda Scott (C. percivaliana x L. rubesens) Soft pink to dusty pink star-shaped large flowers for a small plant. Lip is large white-to-pink with magenta-purple spots. $27.00
Lc. Mem. Robert Strait 'Blue Hawaii JC/AOS (C. walkeriana x Lc. Wayndora) Large multi-growth BS plants. Some have bloomed and are beautiful! $35.00
Lc. Pink Elf (Mini Purple 'Blue Hawaii' x C. loddegisii 'Blue Sky') Even though it is named 'Pink Elf,' these well-shaped flowers are a soft cerulea. See photo for color variations of these first flowers. $35.00
Lc. Rojo (C. aurantiaca x L. milleri) Clusters of bright red flowers held above the leaves. Near blooming size plants. $25.00
Lc. (Rosie's Surprise 'Vivacious' x L. sincorana) The first to bloom shows a fairly large magenta-purple flower with a nicely contrasting lip. $25.00
Lc. Tropical Treat (Trick or Treat x L. milleri) Very striking clusters of bright orange flowers on medium-tall spikes held above the leaves. Sold Out
Pot. Free Spirit (Twenty-four Carat x Sc. Beaufort) $22.00
Pot. (B. nodosa x Slc. Dorothy Warden) Clusters of flowers that range from clear yellow through orange to a combination of yellows and magenta. $22.00
Pot. Hausermann's Treasure (Pot. Alice Kaiser 'Red Dawn' x Blc. Oconee 'Mendenhall' AM/AOS) Large wine-red flowers with a spot of white for contrast. Very attractive. Sold Out
Pot. Ishpeming (Little Toshie 'Gold Country' HCC/AOS x Slc. California Apricot 'Orange Circle' HCC/AOS) - now known as Rlc. (Rhyncholaeliocattleya) Ishpeming (Rlc. Little Toshie x C. California Apricot) Multi-growth seedlings. These are blooming with colors ranging from clear yellow through red-orange. $30 - 35
Pot. Memoria Yoshi Tsubaki (Blc Jeremy Island 'Carmela' x Hisako Akatsuka) Near blooming size plants. Sold Out
Pot. Royston Frolic (Slc. Katie's Cutie x B. nodosa) These are blooming in various shades of melon-pink to magenta-pink. $22.00
Slc. Bright Angel 'Baby C' HCC/AOS x B. Jimminey Cricket) Blooming size plants. FIrst to bloom shown in photo. $25
Slc. (Sl. Beautiful Sunset x C. Brabantiae 'Princess') Deep pink fragrant flowers. $25.00
Slc. (California Apricot x Jerry's Red) 'Geyser Fireball' Bright red flowers on small plants. Sold Out
Slc. Christopher Hausermann 'EFG' HCC/AOS (George Hausermann x Eugene Hausermann) Blooming size plants. Sold Out
Slc. Dream Catcher (Bright Angel x Sc Beaufort 'LR') Small round orange flowers with a yellow lip Sold Out
Slc. Jewel Box 'Scheherazade' AM/AOS (C. aurantica x Anzac) Clusters of deep 3-1/2" reds, intense red lip. Compact spring bloomers. Sold Out
Slc. Jewel Box 'Dark Waters' AM/AOS.(C. aurantica x Anzac) One plant left. Sold Out
Slc. Jeweler's Art 'Carved Coral' AM/AOS (Lc. Dreamboat x Sc. Doris) First to bloom is a gorgeous coral-red with bluish center, deep golden yellow lip with a red tip, and fragrant. $35.00
Slc. (Mini Doris x 'California Apricot 'Orange Circle' HCC/AOS) Blooming size plants. $30.00
Slc. Miss Marilyn (Sierra Doll x Dream Cloud) Various shades of magenta-pink, some with flares, some with white or yellow throats. We also have the reciprocal (Dream Cloud x Sierra Doll). $27.00
Slc. Precious Jewel x C. walkeriana, semi-alba 'H & R' Blooming size plants. Much variation in color, from blush-white to pink to creamy yellow, with fragrance. See photos. $30.00
Slc. Precious Stones (Sl. Psyche 'China' AM/AOS x C. aclandiae) Blooming size plants. These plants will stay quite small. $25.00
Slc. Red Jewel x lundii Blooming size plants. These plants will stay quite small and bloom frequently. $25.00
Slc. Susie's Valentine (Sc. Beaufort 'Luna Rossa' x Lc. Bonanza Queen 'Panamint') From creamy white (some with pink blush on edges) to darker golden pink. Strong variations, but very beautiful. $30.00

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